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Simply Irresistible Interiors

They say the soul of a house lies in its furniture! At Furniture City, we appreciate your choice of furniture that adds value to your home. Therefore, we painstakingly manufacture sophisticated furniture masterpieces, from raw materials that are either imported or handpicked by our founders themselves.

Ravishing Office Essentials

The ambience of a workplace determines a lot more than we let on – the comfort and the ease that people experience while working for you directly translates into the efficiency and productivity of your organization. We, at Furniture City, go on the extra mile to make office furniture as ergonomic as possible.

Elegant Exteriors

Our elaborate range of outdoor furniture is truly a marvel to behold! Made with the precision of a hawk and the craftsmanship of our hardworking professionals, every item is robust in face of harsh weather conditions, while sporting a stylish, urbane and an edgy outlook.


  • Genuine Material
  • Unparalleled Quality
  • Resplendent Style

Selected with the utmost caution, and aided by years of invaluable experience in the industry, we are most particular about where we source our material from. Either produced in-house or imported, we use different types of international grade wood like Teak, Sal, Rose, compressed, veneer, HDF, plywood, etc.

After the type of material is selected by our professionals or our founders themselves, the products are made by well-equipped manufacturing team at our warehouse. There are stringent quality checks at each and every step of the process, which ensures that the end product matches the international standards.

We love to contribute in making your surrounding more pleasing, comfortable and stunning. Our designs range from modern contemporary to classic old-school. So no matter where your preferences lie, we offer everyone a chance to choose as they please!